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الأحد، 07 فبراير


SPW Online Workshop

Mastering Photoshop M-2

This workshop is a great way to learn the Photoshop skills you need to create great looking images to get your work noticed.

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Mastering Photoshop M-2
Mastering Photoshop M-2

Time & Location

07 فبراير 2021، 2:00 م – 4:00 م غرينتش+5:30

SPW Online Workshop

Course Details

This Photoshop workshop provides you with the skills you need to successfully use Photoshop for both online and print imagery. We will have comprehensive 2-hours Adobe Photoshop workshop ranging from a complete beginner stage to advanced photo editing stage.

This is Module 2 for Mastering Photoshop Workshop.

This workshop is a great way to learn the Photoshop skills you need to create great looking images to get your work noticed.

We will have comprehensive 2-hours Adobe Photoshop workshop and we will continue from what left in Module 1 for advanced photo editing stage.

If you do not yet have Photoshop on your own computer, you can obtain a free trial version of it at the Adobe website.

Who can attend this workshop?

This Photoshop workshop requires that you have some basic editing skills and some Photoshop hands-on experience is required.

Key Points:

We will use Adobe Photoshop software for all demonstration via screen share.

No login required on zoom to join webinar and just download meeting software from Zoom Meeting website

Experience Level:

You should be aware of Photoshop workspace, basic functions and selection tools we covered in Module 1 of Mastering Photoshop workshop.

Ultimately, the most important thing about any of the workshops is that 'it is fun and that you enjoy it'.

What you will learn on this workshop:

Managing your Photoshop files

· Introducing Adobe Bridge

· Navigating through the Bridge

· Using folders in Adobe Bridge

· Making a Favourite

· Creating and locating metadata

· Using the Filter panel

· Saving a Collection

· Automation tools in Adobe Bridge

· Additional Photoshop tools

· Changing the view

Painting and Retouching with Photoshop

· Setting up your color settings

· Comparing RGB and CMYK modes

· Using the Color panel

· Changing Brush settings

· Applying color to an image

· Changing blending modes

· Retouching images

· Moving through the History panel

· Using the Clone Stamp and Healing tools

· Working with Camera Raw

Creating a Good Image with Photoshop

· Choosing your color settings

· Working in RGB

· Reading a histogram

· Making a Curve adjustment

· Defining the highlight and shadow

· Adjusting the midtones

· Setting the neutral

· Sharpening your image

· Taking care of red eye

An Introduction to Photoshop Layers

· Discovering layers

· Getting a handle on layers

· Creating a new blank file

· Naming your layer

· Selecting layers

· Moving layers

· Changing the visibility of a layer

· Locking a layer

· Using masks in a layer

· Preserving transparency

Maximum Number of Participants: Fifteen (15)

This keeps the group small to ensure maximum learning for all.

Location: Online Webinar

Upcoming Schedule: Sunday, 7th February 2021

Session 1: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM (India Time)

Refresh Break: 10 minutes

Session 2: 3:10 PM to 04:00 PM (India Time)

Workshop Fees: 500 INR

Note: After registration, you will receive a confirmation email with information about joining the meeting.

Offer: Create your member account on SPW website and Get 25% discount coupon.

You will Get:

Participation Certificate will be provided via registered email address.

Please Do:

Make sure be online with laptop 10 minutes before scheduled time.

Gets your Laptop Battery fully charged and zoom software updated.

Video/Camera sharing by members not allowed during workshop.

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All cancellations before 15 days of the event date - 100% refund

All cancellations between 15 - 7 days of the event date - 50% refund

All cancellations within 7 days of the event date - No refund possible

Organized by: SPW Expedition


Call: +91-9729.433.477

Mentor: Sumit Dhuper (Professional Photographer)



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